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Menu blunders...

Translation mistakes from around the world.

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Côte de veau panée                               Dreaded veal chop

Dos de cabillaud pané                            Dreaded cod pieces

Cuisses de grenouilles persillées            Spotted frog thighs

Filet de boeuf                                        Net of ox

Langue de veau                                     Calves language

Terrine de foie gras au pain de compagne  Pot of time fat(???) to the farm house bread.

Trois petits farcis niçoises                     Three small, stuffed inhabitants of Nice"

Pièce de pavé grille                               Piece of grilled pavement"
Pigeon de « Racan » en deux façons      Lamb of the region prepared in two ways

Rouget juste saisi                                  Mulet just searing

Minute de Saint Pierre                           Small holy rock

Saint-pierre rôti                                     Holy roasted rock

Pomme de ris de veau braisé                 Braised calf

Oeufs brouillés aux langoustines            Jumbled eggs to the langoustines

Damier de faisane                                 Hen pheasant checkerboard

Fois-gras mi-cuit                                   Fatty liver mi-cuit         

Gelée à la rose                                     Frozen to the rose

Noisettes de chevreuil                           Hazels of fried venison

Pavé de beouf rôti                                 Roasted paving slab

Onglet aux shallots                               Shallots hanging tender

Damier de faisane et foie                       Hen pheasant checkerboard and fatty liver
gras mi-cuit, gelée à la rose,                  mi-cuit, frozen to the rose, preserved of ananas
confit of ananas et pomeles                   and pomelos to the honey
au miel



Chaque jour,                                         Every day,       
Le Maître d’Hotel vous propose               the hotel Master proposes you
des nouveautés et                                 novelties
des coups de Coeur                              and heart blows
qui peuven entrer dans la composition     that can enter into the composition of your menu
de votre Menu
Quelle chance                                       What luck


Pour attendre les gourmandises:            To await the greediness:

Pommes sautées                                  Jump potatoes

Moule mariniere                                     Mussels in a seaman sauce


Salade de chêvre chaud et ses lardoons fumés Hot goat salad with smoked kids

Soupe de poisons avec sa rouille           Fish soup with rust

Jambon cru                                          Believed ham

Côte de porcelet                                   Piglet bones

Pétale de cabillaud                               Fresh cod petals

Filet de loup                                         Net of wolf

Tuile à l’orange                                     Orange roof tile

Lardons fumés                                      Smoked plugs

Pièce de boeuf sauce poivre                   Part of ox sauce to pepper

Filet de maquereau                                Grilled pimp fillet

Rouget juste saisi                                  Mulet just searing



Cubo de maialino fritto                           Piglet cube

Piccolo plin de Caprino                          Little plin of goat (actually a pinched pasta parcel stuffed with creamy goat’s cheese)

Ricciola all’acquapazza                         Amberjack all’ acquapazza (actually stone bass in a tomato and garlic sauce)

Crudo di Gamberi                                 Raw of red shrimp

Gnocchi                                              Red potatoes dumplings


Estendal do Bairro                                Codfish clothesline
Operação tentáculos                             Octopus nuggets
Melon con jamon iberico                        Melom with jam


Matança                                               Bloody Pigeon


Berenjenas rellenas                               Baked stuffed aborigines.

On the menu of a Polish hotel:
Limpid red beet soup with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger; roasted duck let loose; beef rashers beaten up in the country people’s fashion.

One the menu of a German restaurant:Pig in the family way.

On an Italian menu:
tartufo nero
hypocrite with chocolate

Menu posted outside a Venetian restaurant:
Pig in Green Granny Gravy

Dreaded veal cutlet with potatoes in cream.



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