These books would be an ideal promotional gift, for special events, advertising campaigns or incentive packages.

They can be ordered in short or long runs, and it is possible to insert specially dedicated title pages (first inside pages) with whatever message, logo and/or picture is desired.

If this idea appeals to you, or any of your friends or clients, then please contact us for a quotation for orders of 10 copies or more (of any single guide) which we will be delighted to provide for you.


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Ordering your Gourmet Guide culinary dictionaries of gastronomic terms



You can order your Gourmet Guide books easily online using your Paypal account or any major debit or credit card simply by clicking on the 'add to cart' button next to the guide that you would like.

Although the prices are given here in euros these will automatically be converted by PayPal to your chosen currency


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* Please note: For orders of more than 12 books please contact us first for information on discounts and shipping *


French - English 

* SALE - 3.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

Bon Appétit

French - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

Buon Appetito

Italian - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

Guten Appetit

German - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

¡Buen Provecho!

Spanish - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

Eet Smakelijk

Dutch - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)

Bom Appetite

Portuguese - English 

* SALE - 2.99 Euros each *
(Normal price 4.99 Euros)



We wish you enjoyable reading.

We ship to all countries in the world (except those involved in civil or other wars or unrest). If you have any doubt concerning a particular country then please contact us for clarification.

Postage + Packaging
1-2 books 1.99 Euros
3-5 books 4.99 Euros
6-12 books 6.49 Euros
13 books or more Please contact us for details


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